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God Bless You & Welcome to 2021!

The New Year of 2021 is a year of divine destiny, prophetic fulfillment and harvest from sown seeds of faith. This isn't the season of recovery, it's the season of accelerated favor fulfilled accomplishment!

Today is the day which will undeniably display God's Next as you THRIVE in your life's journey!

My prophetic declaration over the members of our assembly and the body of Christ is a personal, familia, communal, regional, national and global declaration.

Many have survived the unpredictable and precarious season of suffering and loss while others were blessed by the provisional province of God in a pandemic!

2021 is the year of Shin in the Jewish calendar, yet I hear the spirit amplify the greek word epicheireó; : to put one's hand to, to attempt. What you attempt this year will thrive because of the Joshua 1:8 principle!

The world has changed. The context of this text lives in the fragility of change. Joshua, the minister and successor of Moses is tasked with finishing the business of navigating Israel into its prophetic promise.

God gives Joshua specific instructions to navigate successfully in a new world of change. Joshua must wrestle with the question, after what we’ve come through how do we get through change?

Join us this month as we THRIVE in 2021 and apply the Joshua 1:8 principles. We’ll fast 36.5 days or a tenth of the year or dedicate 2 hours and 40 minutes daily.

Join us on our digital platforms along with Greater Nation as we run in ‘21 not trying, but, Thriving!

Stay in His face and journey well,


Bishop Matthew Brown

Senior Servant

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