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Are you looking for a way to connect across every stage and phase of life? We have a ministry connection for you!


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The Men’s Ministry of Greater Community eagerly pursues the opportunity to serve the Lord in worship, word and service to our families. The ministry meets regularly for the purpose of fellowship, sharing, networking and collaborating around faith, families and ministry. The ministry will help in the development of the man, husband and father. We are committed to practicing the word of God, building strong relationships and living with integrity.

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The Sister Care Women’s Ministry of Greater Community seeks to create a dynamic sisterhood among the many women who participate in developing our relational theology. Our focus is to create intimacy through worship, fellowship and relationship. Sister Care promotes strategies for living in this rapid society that maintain moral, practical and effective benefit for our husbands, children and careers. It is a multi-faceted ministry with programs, initiatives, and projects which support the ministry of the church.

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The BRIDGE College/Career Ministry


The BRIDGEofATL seeks to support young adults as they navigate a time of academic/vocational preparation toward careers while encouraging their spiritual growth.

Our mission is to BRIDGE young adults through the post-high school years helping them emerge as adults who are gainfully employed, run their own businesses, start families, serve in ministry, serve their communities and disciple others.

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Marriage and Family Ministry

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Greater Community is a pro-marriage and family ministry that enthusiastically promotes the values of marriage between a man and a woman and unapologetically practices Christian family values. Our intentionality about healthy relationships are reflected by providing many spiritual enrichments, social outings and “couple time events.” Through these enrichments, marriages can be strengthened in the areas of communication, love language, spiritual unity, and service to each other. 

We believe strong marriages make for strong families which builds strong churches and communities.

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