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Our History (cont.)

The church in Marietta began in 1923. Those early years, the Lord continued to bestow His blessing upon the growing body of believers. Property on 210 Mulberry Street was purchased and the Church of God in Christ was established on July 12, 1930. Elder W. M. Booth served as the first pastor of this historic ministry. 

The Marietta Church was placed under the auspices of the Northern Georgia Jurisdiction of the Church of God in Christ. In July of 1951, Bishop James J. Hinsley was consecrated to the sacred office of Jurisdictional Bishop of Central Georgia and served as the next Pastor of the Marietta Church. At his appointment, the Marietta church was moved into the Central Georgia Jurisdiction. 

The City of Marietta changed the name of Mulberry Street to Avery Street and the Marietta church demolished the wood-framed structure and built a brick edifice under the visionary leadership of Bishop Hinsley. Throughout the 1950s and 1960s, the Marietta Church experienced the favor of God through demonstrated miracles, signs and wonders and undeniable demonstration of the power of God in a worshipping people. As the church continued to expand its outreach through a powerful radio ministry from (what was now the) Avery Street church; many were inspired and assisted through the deliberate outreach to the community. It was during this time a solid foundation was laid for many of the saints who are active and faithful members of the ministry today. 

At the heavenly transition of Bishop James J. Hinsley, Bishop John Dale Husband, Sr. was appointed Jurisdictional Bishop and Pastor of the Avery Street Church of God in Christ. 

As Avery Church COGIC grew, so did the city of Marietta and with the Urban Renewal Program, Avery Street started to look for a new home. On Sunday, September 29, 1974 - the Avery Street congregation held the dedicatory service at the new location of 528 Page Street and changed its name to Hinsley Chapel Church of God in Christ, in honor of the late Bishop James J. Hinsley. Under this administration, the outreach for souls extended from radio to include television ministry. Many triumphant victories were experienced at Hinsley Chapel as the Lord continued to bless and save second and third generations while adding to the church such as should be saved. 

In 1991, Bishop Chandler David Owens was appointed as the pastor of Hinsley Chapel and the Jurisdictional Bishop. The miracles and power of the Lord were experienced as the church that stood as a beacon of light in the Marietta community for decades once again moved and took on another name representative of the move of God and the approval of His blessing. Greater Community Church of God in Christ would be the name which continued the legacy of holiness and service in the city of Marietta, Georgia. 

Services concluded on Page Street on Sunday, August 2, 1992 and on Sunday, August 9, 1992, this congregation of believers moved to its present location at 406 Roswell Street under the leadership of Bishop Owens. Bishop Owens served as the local pastor of Greater Community, Jurisdictional Prelate of the Central Georgia Jurisdiction and ultimately ascended to the lofty office in our national organization as member of the General Board for over 35 years. The national church elected him to the highest office in our denomination to serve as the Presiding Bishop of the Church of God in Christ, Int'l from 1995-2000. He traveled the world preaching and teaching the word of God and expanding the ministry of the church. On March 6, 2011, our beloved pastor was divinely retired and claimed his heavenly reward. 

The Greater Community Church family was never without leadership and stabilized in its transition under the stellar leadership of General Board member, Bishop Sedgwick Daniels. As interim pastor and jurisdictional prelate, he provided a framework for Greater Community’s future and loved the members until the National Church appointed a new pastor to shepherd this congregation. 

After months of deliberation and prayer, Superintendent Matthew L. Brown of Buffalo, New York was appointed as the new Pastor -Teacher of the Greater Community Church of God in Christ family. Pastor Brown is an anointed teaching priest, exceptional administrator, writer, and gifted motivational speaker. We have positioned ourselves under the leadership of our powerful pastor to become a missional church creating a Acts Chapter 2 environment - where every man, woman, boy and girl will have repeated opportunities to hear, see, feel and touch the gospel of Jesus Christ. Pastor Brown’s motto for our ministry is: “We’re Bringing Kingdom to Community".

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